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Pipe Operations
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Reading operation

To start reading operation from interrupt or bulk pipe select pipe and press "Bulk/Interrupt Read" button from the "Read operation" box. After this RapidDriver opens window to which all data received from pipe is dumped. Listening process is indicated by 22 icon. To redirect data received during listening process to file on hard disk click "Save Data to File" check box and select existing or enter new file name in dialog.

Writing operation

During writing operation RapidDriver uses one of two sources as output buffer which is send to pipe. First source is "Output Data" memo. Data can be loaded to this memo from file using "Load Data from File" button or entered by hand in hexadecimal format. Other source of data send to pipe can be selected by clicking "Send File to Pipe" check box. File selected in appeared dialog is send to pipe after pressing "Bulk/Interrupt Write".