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RapidDriver Explorer
The User Interface (Overview)
Device Description
Test Devices
Driver Description
New RapidDriver Project
Step 1: Select Device
Step 2: Project Description
Step 3: ISA Resources
Step 4: Driver Installation
Generic RapidDriver Project
Port I/O
Memory-mapped I/O
PCI Devices
Working With ISA/PC-104 Devices
New ISA/PC-104 Project
Hardware Resources for ISA/PC-104
Input/Output (I/O) Port Ranges
Memory Address Ranges
Interrupt Request (IRQ) Line
Direct Memory Access (DMA) Channel
Test ISA/PC-104 Device
Working With PCI Devices
New PCI Driver Project
Test PCI Device
PCI Header
Configuration Space
Base Address Registers (BARs)
Settings for bus-master DMA
Working with Parallel Port Devices
New Parallel Port Project
Test Parallel Port Device
Parallel Port Settings
LPT Pins
Ports And Bits
Working With USB Devices
New USB Project
Test USB Device
Descriptors and Configuration
Vendor/Class Requests
Pipe Operations
Feature Requests
Settings for bus-master DMA
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The operating system allocates resources to the PnP PCI devices automatically, and you can evaluate these resources at corresponding tab pages. In additional, you can describe the DMA stuff, if your PCI device has bus-mastering capability. You should set all parameters at the Bus-Master DMA page based on your knowledge of device (RapidDriver Source Builder edition only!):
use bus-master DMA - check this box if your PCI device has bus-mastering capability.  
Name of DMA - used by RapidDriver Source Builder to create an AdapterObject.  
Max Length - maximum length of a single transfer, must be round up to a multiple of the memory page size (0x1000 for the Intel platform).  
scatter/gather support - check this box if your device supports scatter/gather list.  
allow 32-bit address - device can use 32-bit physical addresses.  
allow 64-bit address - device can use 64-bit physical addresses.