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The User Interface (Overview)
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Port I/O
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PCI Devices
Working With ISA/PC-104 Devices
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Hardware Resources for ISA/PC-104
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Working With PCI Devices
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Working with Parallel Port Devices
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Ports And Bits
Working With USB Devices
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Descriptors and Configuration
Vendor/Class Requests
Pipe Operations
Feature Requests
Descriptors and Configuration
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Descriptor requests

To get one of standard USB descriptors specify all necessary information in 'Standard Descriptors" box. Language ID filed is intended only for string descriptor requests. To get endpoint descriptor specify device-defined index of endpoint in "Endpoint Index" filed, index of Interface in Descriptor Index" filed and index of alternate interface in "Alternate Index" filed. To get interface descriptor specify interface and alternate indexes in corresponding fields.

If required descriptor cannot be found in "Descriptor Type" list, use "Other Descriptor" box to get descriptor. Class or vendor-specific descriptors cannot be obtained using this method. To issue class or vendor descriptor request refer to Vendor/Class requests tab.

All received data is displayed in Log window.

Configuring device

Device can be unconfigured, configuration can be changed and alternate interface can be selected from "Configuration" box. Interface selection also can be used for purpose of changing maximum transfer size of selected interface. While selecting configuration "Configuration Index" must be specified, data from other fields is ignored. If "Configuration Index" is equal to zero then "Select Configuration" has the same effect as "Unconfigure Device" (device is placed in unconfigured state). Specify interface index, interface alternate index and maximum transfer in bytes before pressing "Select Interface" button.