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RapidDriver Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
What is the difference between RapidDriver editions?
What is the difference between the various licenses?
Some RapidDriver functionality does not work!
Can not install RapidDriver package!
I can not open the driver in my application.
Error message 'RapidDrv.sys driver cannot be opened.'
How do I run RapidDriver under Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0?
What programming languages does RapidDriver support?
Error message 'RapidDrv.sys driver cannot be opened.'
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This message can appear in any edition of RapidDriver. It means that device named "RapidDriver Primary Device" (see picture below) is no more available.


This device is created during RapidDriver installation and is used for internal needs. RapidDriver cannot start if it is deleted from system.

You can fix this problem in two ways:

1.   Using InstallPrimary utility. This utility resides in Kernel directory of RapidDriver installation folder. Just type in command line <RapidDriverPath>\Kernel\InstallPrimary -i.

2.Reinstall RapidDriver.